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    Archive for April, 2008

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    Educational Malpractice?

    Having just taught a class last night on tort liability in education, I thought it’d be fun to construct a hypothetical argument for a class-action case of educational malpractice [NOTE: I am fully aware that educational malpractice has been argued successfully in an actual court of law once, maybe twice, over the course of American […]


    Remembering those who came before us

    For me, this was a weekend of celebrating Passover with friends and family.  I’m not particularly observant of my religion, but I do enjoy this holiday because it is all about looking back and remembering the struggles of our ancestors in the fight for freedom.  So, tonight, I find myself pondering the history of educational […]


    You say you want a revolution?

    CREDIT: Grant Leavitt After presenting a paper about a study of an ed. tech. integration support program, the discussant mentioned that he drew very similar conclusions from a simlar study he did…20 years prior. In other words, the role of the technology support personnel in schools is no different today than it was 20 years ago. […]


    Succeeding in spite of schools

    I’m writing this post in the middle of reading a dissertation that will be defended tomorrow (actually, by now it’s technically “later today”).  From the data, the author (doc. candidate) paints a tale that is simultaneously depressing and inspiring.  The study is about how 11 African-American students managed to become high achievers within a school […]


    Dear Scott,

    You’re breaking up with me?  I thought we had something… So many comments/pingbacks/etc.  Be careful what you wish for? A few thoughts, comments, replies, etc to Scott et al… First, I just want to be VERY clear that I NEVER used the word “elite” or any form of that word in any of my posts.  […]


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