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    Archive for April, 2008

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    Assessing Technological Literacy

    The full RFP has not been issued yet, but the feds put out a pre-solicitation notice for: “Conducting a Special Study in Technological Literacy for the 2012 National Assessment of Educational Progress.”  In other words, as part of the 2012 administration of the NAEP, there will be an assessment of technological literacy (presumably of 4th, […]


    “The conversation is getting away from me…” (more reflections)

    Thanks to all who’ve commented on my last post and who’ve caused me to think and reflect deeply (and who’ve caused me a lack of sleep…). I’m now reconsidering the cocktail party metaphor because, as Vicki suggests, the bloggers who generate the most conversation are not actually conversing much with each other (i.e. Richardson doesn’t […]


    Reflections of a new-ish blogger

    The graph below plots a small sample of data from this blog, but the blip has me pondering/reflecting… This blog is ONLY just over 3.5 months, but I find myself obsessed with figuring out if I am contributing to any networked learning.  Scott McLeod has written about “measuring” the impact of a blog and I […]


    Wanted: One TechnoSuperintendent.

    So, Richmond City Schools will be searching for a new Superintendent.  I haven’t lived here long enough to judge the outgoing Supt., Dr. Deborah Jewell-Sherman, one way or the other [full disclosure: she’s an adjunct faculty member of the Dept. in which I work].  One thing I do know though, having taught in classrooms in […]


    Technological doping

    So, here’s an article about the latest sports controversy. Bathing suits that may very well give swimmers a speed advantage (18 of the 19 world records broken recently were done by swimmers wearing this type of suit). Apparently, there are naysayers…”no fair; that’s a competitive advantage.” Huh?  Competitive advantage?  Is a technology that is available to […]


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