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    Archive for May, 2008

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    Educators as one-man bands

    [NOTE: please excuse the lack of gender neutral language in the title of the post. Despite my nausea, I thought making the language gender neutral would render the title meaningless to most.] There has been no shortage of efforts to compare the institution of public schooling to other disciplines or industries. Business and medicine are […]


    “This I Believe” Meme

    A couple of weeks ago, Cathy Nelson tagged me for this. I was honored and eager to do this; I think this is a great opportunity for both self-reflection and to put my cards on the table for my readers to get to know me a bit more. I’m going to take a slightly different […]


    On Learning

    I’ve been pondering the next few weeks and have come to realize that my computer and I will be having a lot less face time than we have over the last few months. Tomorrow afternoon, I leave for NY for various personal and professional reasons. Then, I come back to VA for Memorial Day weekend, […]


    The Big Move

    The training wheels are off! Feel free to let me know what you think of the new look. Thanks.


    Disruptive Innovation and Schooling

    [Prelude: Now that I live in Virginia, I MUST get to know Andy Roterham. He’s a powerful insider in many educational policy circles, and he’s been edublogging longer than anyone I know. His post today pointed me to the article about which I write below, so here’s a tip-o-the-hat to Mr. Eduwonk] You may be […]