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Every Blog Post Ever: Communication FAIL

[Thinking of a really clever and catchy title... something snarky. Yeah, snarky is the new black...]

Something Something Something: I’m Only Adding This Because All Good Titles Have A Colon.

[I should probably include an image at the beginning of the post. I'll search Flickr for CC-licensed images. I need something artsy; something really zen. The connection to the content of the post won't be apparent to anybody except me, but, still...]

Sojiji Bodhidharma

[Feeling really, really insecure...]

I’m sure I’m not the first to write about this…

[Feeling better now, on with the awesomeness...]

but I read this really interesting article over at  [insert hip magazine here]…

[I have to add a link to the article. Which words should be linked? Definitely "interesting article," but do I include "really" in the link? Do I want the link to open a new window? Do I link separately to the main site of the hip magazine when I write the name of the magazine? OMG, blogging is hard...]

The author of the article…

[Wait, do I have to link to a page that has some kind of bio on the author? OMG, blogging is hard...]

writes about [insert phenomenon X here]..

[Let's see if we can drag out this summary of the article. I want to make this a meaty post and I don't really have anything meaningful to add anyway. I'm just going to make a really weak attempt to apply what I read to what I think I know...]

The author really nails it when she says…

[Oh, I think this is a good quote to use, but mostly, I just want my readers to see how beautifully my blog theme handles block quotes.]

This phenomenon is not new, but I am an expert on this topic now because I read a couple of articles that confirm my hypothesis.

This got me thinking about my particular area of expertise…

[Wait, I have an area of expertise, right? Or, is it just something I'm interested in? Whatever...]
 [Ugh, now I'm forgetting how I was going to shoehorn that article into my area of expertise/interest... What's the relevance again? Oh, whatever, let's keep going...]

where I see this same phenomenon all the time…

[Well, "all the time" is a stretch, but I saw it once and the article made me think about it again, so I'll continue the shoehorning...]

One time…

[See, I really only needed one connection to offer an anecdote which will pass as evidence...]
 [blah, blah, blah... Yeah, I only wrote a sentence or two comprised of my own thoughts/ideas, but if I wrap up and hit "publish," I'll have written another blog post...]

So, in conclusion, we should all think about the phenomenon the author wrote about and how it applies to our practice…

[Here goes; I'm going to hit "Publish." I hope lots of people comment and tell me how awesome this post is. Then again, if I get lots of comments, I'll feel obligated to respond and who has time to engage in conversation on blogs? Whatever...]

Creative Commons License photo credit: geraldford

[NOTE: this blog post was entirely inspired by this video. You didn't expect me to have an idea of my own, did you?]

8 Responses to “Every Blog Post Ever: Communication FAIL”

  1. Linda704 says:

    Is it good or bad that I can relate to everything (wait, that’s an exaggeration) in this post? Well done!

  2. KarenR says:

    It took me awhile to comment because I had to delete a bunch of blog posts first.

  3. Scott McLeod says:

    Could we come up with a similar formula for research articles and dissertations (perhaps chapter by chapter for the latter)? I think we probably could!

  4. Steve Ransom says:

    This post is totally awesome. You rock. I’ll spare you any further insights so that you don’t have to respond.

  5. Sara Carter says:

    And this is…wait for it…

    “Every comment ever.”

    “Every reply ever.”

    (Seriously, tho, great post!)

  6. Alan Levine says:

    Opening comment with watery pofitice affirmation but quickly turning to talk about myself, linking to my own work.

    Brilliantly on, Jon! And the video classic. I’d also something in your mix of mention of my own blogging on this topic from a time period prior to the paper.

    Ending comment with vague reference to pop culture figure from 15 years ago.

  7. Jon,

    Snarky comment. Followed by exclamation points.

    Shelly (actually, “Anonymous”)

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