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    Archive for the ‘blogging’ Category

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    NECC and the Attention Economy

    Lots of folks are reflecting on their NECC experiences.  The reactions vary.  Scott’s bullish, while Sheryl is not so sure.  Also, towards the end of the conference, there were LOTS of tweets about brains hurting and brains shutting down.  Ewan, using the work of Chris Craft, even wrote about this seeming cognitive overload. My guess […]


    Reflections from NECC – Day 2

    Hanging out at the blogger’s cafe this afternoon, and this is more what I expected from yesterday.  Lots of people pecking away at their keyboards and chatting away.  Jeff Utecht is live streaming in one direction, while people in the cafe are watching the feed of an area 5 feet away.  People are chatting, tweeting, […]


    Another manifesto…starring me, again, of course

    OK. This is getting downright odd. I posted a couple of days ago about the Broader/Bolder project/movement and how the core ideas in that manifesto overlapped with many of the statements I made in my “This I Believe” post a while back. I even jokingly accused them of ripping me off. Well, today we got […]


    The Ed. Tech. Echo Chamber?

    I’m sure I’m not the first to write about this, but Scott McLeod delivered his latest list of the (potentially) top 50 P-12 education blogs and he got me thinking. The list is what it is…a ranking based on one metric: how many other blogs (and blogs only) have linked to a given blog. As […]


    “This I Believe” Meme

    A couple of weeks ago, Cathy Nelson tagged me for this. I was honored and eager to do this; I think this is a great opportunity for both self-reflection and to put my cards on the table for my readers to get to know me a bit more. I’m going to take a slightly different […]