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    Archive for the ‘Ed. Tech.’ Category

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    Learn(ing) with vs. Learn(ing) from

    Think about *all* the implications that come from shifting our language from learn(ing) from to learn(ing) with. (and words matter, right David Jakes?) That’s the “shift” that has to happen. (apologies to Karl Fisch)  That’s it. “Learning from” was often necessary when one party in the learning transaction(s) had greater access to information than the others. […]


    The Logic of “Our” Arguments

    Those with whom I network for learning purposes through Twitter, blogs, Nings, etc. are largely members of an amorphous educational technology community.  That community is fond of throwing around terms like “change” and “reform” connected to schools or education and most often the “change” or “reform” is largely related to advances in technology. The gist […]


    Scientifically-based Blog Post #1

    [NOTE  #1: this was originally posted on February 7, 2008.  I am re-posting it here as part of the #edublogBT idea/meme about which I wrote yesterday.] [NOTE #2: at the time, I had designs on posting a weekly blog post about educational research.  I think I got as far 4 or 5 entries before that […]


    Technology Professional Development and Chocolate Cake

    I blogged. For Wes Fryer. Because I’m trying to steal the attention of his vast audience. Click here to see the post if you’d like. photo credit: AchimH


    School Leadership and Educational Governance: On Silos and Onions

    [NOTE: thanks to Scott McLeod for dreaming up this idea three years ago.  This is my contribution to Leadership Day 2009.  The Leadership posts I’ve already seen are great, and the collection of posts will ultimately make for an important and interesting contribution to the field of educational leadership.] I have a doctorate in Politics […]


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