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    Archive for the ‘learning’ Category

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    Leadership Day 2008

    Scott McLeod deemed today Leadership Day, and so it is!  And so I go… If you haven’t watched the video of Chris Lehmann’s presentation at NECC, there’s no question that it’s a must see.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of occasions to use it as a pedagogical tool with my ed. leadership students, especially as […]


    NECC and the Attention Economy

    Lots of folks are reflecting on their NECC experiences.  The reactions vary.  Scott’s bullish, while Sheryl is not so sure.  Also, towards the end of the conference, there were LOTS of tweets about brains hurting and brains shutting down.  Ewan, using the work of Chris Craft, even wrote about this seeming cognitive overload. My guess […]


    Invention Sessions vs. Personal Learning Communities

    photo credit: Nathan Y Recently, on Darren Draper’s blog, I commented on the sort of “invention sessions” that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about and that Darren suggested would be an interesting addition to the field of education (I agree completely, BTW).  I wrote: “I wonder if electronic communities are sufficient. Classroom 2.0 is a wonderful resource, […]


    Learning 2.0 and Schools of Education

    For a few different purposes, I’m working on a “manifesto” of sorts and could use some help.  I suppose it’s not a coincidence that I’m using a blog to ask for guidance/assistance in my own learning and knowledge creation.  But, I’m looking to produce a narrative (a white paper?) that synthesizes the information that is […]


    Reading and Learning in an Attention Economy

    Other than the bits and pieces I’ve read in various places, and other than what I learned from the related Wikipedia site, I don’t know a whole lot about “Attention Economics.” However, the Herbert Simon quote below that I got from the Wikipedia site resonates with my current (probably mostly personal) concern: …in an information-rich […]