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Hello edublogosphere!

After countless half-hearted efforts to launch a blog, I’m finally making the leap.  To this point, I’ve been constrained mostly by one personal roadblock.  In the language of a former colleague, I am extremely “precise;” cognitively, everything has to be considered and everything has to be just right.  So, I mulled over hundreds (literally!) of titles for this blog before settling on “Educational Insanity” (which I particularly like b/c I’m in education and my wife is a psychologist).  I worried about making typographical errors.  I wondered if I would add anything of value to the blogosphere.

At some point, though, I finally realized that not only is the blogosphere largely NOT concerned with those matters (does the title really matter?…don’t we all make mistakes?…), but blogging can actually be a means to help me overcome my need for precision.  That is, through lurking around in the education blogosphere for the last year or so, I have come to believe that blogs are (or should be) one part of our personal learning networks (to use Will Richardson’s language) and collaborative learning necessarily involves being less than perfect, making mistakes, discussing them, etc.   If wikipedia is one prime example, Web 2.0 (for lack of better terminology) allows us to be imprecise with the hope/expectation that we will collectively move towards precision.

So, I look forward to moving in that direction together.  Please consider adding me to your personal learning network and inviting me into yours.


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