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Musings from VSTE

If you’ve never seen Hall Davidson give a keynote presentation, you’ve really missed out.  He had a few thousand educators rolling on the floor (figuratively, of course).  Very bright, very funny…and inspiring!  I hope that one day I can present as well as he does.

Today, of all things, I learned about the law.  Three years of law school and 5+ years of teaching school law, and I learned that I knew nothing about copyright law.  Well, maybe not nothing.  But, apparently I’m in violation of copyright law by posting the journal articles in my scientifically-based blog post posts.  Should I take them down?  Will the copyright police come after me?  I suppose I could contact the authors and get their permission.  Sheesh.

Tomorrow morning I meet with John Hendron, who, by my account, is a bit of an innovator and leader in ed. tech. in my area.  I look forward to learning from John and then attending some more sessions.

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