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    Archive for February, 2008

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    Scientifically-based Blog Post #3

    The study I report on today was one for which I had high hopes.  The topic, digital equity, is near and dear to me as it was the focus of my dissertation and one of my first major academic publications.  However, after reading the article, Digital Equity: New Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, […]



    I’m newly come to the Amy Winehouse bandwagon and I’ve been searching for a Wii to purchase for a while now.  Given those interests, this video absolutely cracked me up.  Enjoy. [youtube=]


    Microsoft Student…for free

    My brother-in-law works for a PR firm that does a lot of work with and for Microsoft.  As part of that work, he is coordinating a trial program for Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008.  Here’s part of the letter he sent me… Dear Educator, Microsoft would like to hear your thoughts on how technology […]


    Cost effectiveness

     In the evaluation work I do, I’m occasionally asked to study/assess the cost effectiveness of a “product.”  This makes some sense where the product is hardware or some kind of proprietary digital object.  And, there, COSN’s work on Total Cost of Ownership is exemplary.  But, when it comes to many software programs, even comprehensive programs, […]


    Scientifically-based Blog Post #2

    [THIS IS THE SECOND ENTRY IN MY WEEKLY SERIES] I’m not alone in my concerns over the achievement gap and educational equity more generally.  I have, however, felt for a while now that among the many articles and reports I’ve read on these matters, the most convincing is this one.  Schools, Achievement, and Inequality: A Seasonal […]