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    Archive for March, 2008

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    Real Estate and Educational Technology

    For me, stories, articles and/or discussions that combine real estate and public schooling are almost always pregnant with racism and/or classism.  In some cases, that racism and/or classism is more obvious than others. Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal points to a “study” (a very loose term in this case) done by the folks at  This “study” combined […]


    Transparency, Blogs, and Personal Learning Networks (PLN)

    There’s an interesting story (free registration required) in the New York Times about professors who blog and engage in other forms of Web 2.0-ness.  I think the MtvU exec. makes the best point when he says that it’s about transparency.  I’ve also espoused transparency as an orientation to my own work, and I think blogging is […]


    My favorite time of the year

    Madness!Originally uploaded by bobbyuggles That picture is not exactly of my workstation, but it might as well be. If you’re a college basketball fan like me, and a techno-geek like me, CBS Sportsline’s March Madness on Demand web app., well…it IS the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can toggle between three games at once […]


    Further to my point

    In an earlier post, I wrote about the overwhelming amount of “knowledge” out there about education and “best practice.”  Well, next week, I’m headed to the annual meeting of AERA, the largest educational research conference in the country.  Searching the program, I found that 166 individual presentations include the word “technology” in the title.  78 […]


    Getting Beyond the Fear

    I firmly believe that the single greatest obstacle to digitally-based educational reform is fear.  Fear of change, the unkown, loss of control, etc.  I wish we/I could document my belief empirically.  The other day, I had an opportunity to be at a meeting of a dozen or so school superintendents.  The meeting was not at […]