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    Archive for March, 2008

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    From the mouths of babes…

    This morning, my son asked me a question about a train with which we were playing.  I told him that I did not know the answer.  He said, “We have to look it up on the computer at the trains website.”  He turns three in June.


    Internet Use for Math

    OK, one more “finding” (see post below).  The figure below points out a trend that shows up in all of the data I’m analyzing, and the trend that led me to the phrase “digital horserace.”  You’ll notice that the states that are above the national average in student use of the Internet for math are […]


    Computer Use in Schools Across the States

    I’m working on a paper I’ll be presenting at AERA in New York in a few weeks.  The paper is essentially about what I refer to as the digital horserace; it’s an examination of 4th grade student computer use across the states and across the years.  The data (which come from NAEP) are fascinating!  There’s […]


    Are Teachers Ready for 21st Century Learning?

    That’s the question/title of an interesting “discussion” among the Teacher Leaders Network, a partner of Teacher Magazine.  You can read the discussion and comments here.  The part of the discussion excerpted online began with a question based on Karl Fisch’s award-winning blog post in 2007. The social scientist in me is left wondering about the […]


    Cheating(?) and Facebook

    I sure would like to know more about this story.  The way CNN reports it makes it all seem harmless to me.  What’s wrong with a little digital ingenuity and the creation of an online study group?