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    Archive for April, 2008

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    My child and “unschooling?”

    Two caveats first: One, I may have unconsciously or even consciously included “unschooling” in the title because I suspect that will draw traffic. I’m guessing the unschooling types are abundant in the blogosphere (see e.g.  And, my narcissistic need for attention is now well-documented.  Second, I feel like I’m sticking my neck out here […]


    Leadership and Mandates

    John Hendron points us to an article about work that his former Superintendent, Dr. Frank Morgan, is doing in Kershaw County, SC. Speaking about the use of podcasting, Dr. Morgan is quoted as saying, “I’ve just found it powerful…We live in a different world now, so we have to use multiple means to communicate with […]


    Religion in Schools: Legal Update (Live blogging)

    On Thursday and Friday of this week, I was at the Education Law Conference held by the Commonwealth Educational Policy Institute at VCU (my U.).  It was a really well run conference.  On Friday, I live blogged the session on Religion in Schools.  It was my first attempt at live blogging.  You can see the […]


    Instant gratif…er, notification

    In my last post, I was saying that I didn’t think my faculty colleagues would use an electronic communication system that required them to go to the information. I suppose I was referring to the difference between what I’ve heard referred to as push vs. pull technology. I was also probably projecting my own concerns […]


    How to digitally supplement a PLC

    I’m having a little trouble wrapping my head around an idea, so I thought I’d throw it out to the edublogosphere (hello?  anybody home?). I’m trying to figure out the best way to support a face-to-face professional learning community with an electronic personal/professional learning network.  So, imagine that in my workplace we have monthly f-2-f meetings […]


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