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Instant gratif…er, notification

In my last post, I was saying that I didn’t think my faculty colleagues would use an electronic communication system that required them to go to the information. I suppose I was referring to the difference between what I’ve heard referred to as push vs. pull technology. I was also probably projecting my own concerns onto my colleagues; maybe they would embrace a Google Space.

I say that because I realized tonight that all of this social network stuff that David Warlick wrote about today and that Britt Watwood picked up on works wonderfully for me because I crave information and I can’t stop learning. Furthermore, I can’t get new information and learn new things quickly enough (am I a learning addict?). So, I’ve built my network. Enter RSS (thanks, Britt, for pointing that out to me). Enter Twitter (and particularly Twitterfeed and the Apple equivalent (name escapes me)). Enter not just Bloglines, but Bloglines Notifier. Enter Gmail and Gmail Notifier (I also use Lotus Notes for my work e-mail which has a notification feature). All of this notification technology feeds (pun intended) my demand (addiction?).

It’s immediate notification! I love it.

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