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If education were like professional sports

*teachers would choose not to participate in school activities because they are unsatisfied with the terms of the last three years of their contract worth an overall $25 million.

*the best teachers would be drafted onto the faculties of the lowest performing schools, and we’d spend a lot of time trying to prognosticate who is the best prospect and who has the most “upside potential” as a teacher.

*after facilitating a particularly good lesson, teachers would seek each other out and engage in a chest bump, a high five and/or some group celebration.

*brilliant statistical thinkers would spend incredible amounts of time figuring out how to analyze the schooling endeavor and to determine which schools and teachers are the best (I promise we’d do MUCH better than “number of AP courses per student“). In fact, we could judge teachers based on their VORT (value over replacement teacher).

*principals would be fired four years after leading the school to the highest possible level.

I could go on, but I’ll leave it to you, my readers. What did I leave out?

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