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Reflections from NECC – Day 2

Hanging out at the blogger’s cafe this afternoon, and this is more what I expected from yesterday.  Lots of people pecking away at their keyboards and chatting away.  Jeff Utecht is live streaming in one direction, while people in the cafe are watching the feed of an area 5 feet away.  People are chatting, tweeting, etc. with people 4 feet away.  But, there is actual f-2-f communication going on.  It’s a little hybrid community right here.  Pretty cool.  Here are some other random thoughts:

  • I couldn’t agree more with Ewan McIntosh about Edubloggercon.  Through no fault of anyone, I think EBC got away from everyone.  Over 200 people showed up and nobody could know that would happen.  If EBC is to continue beyond this year, those involved in planning it need to figure out ways to allow serious and intimate conversations to happen.  I think there’s real value to blocking out time among like-minded folks to converse before the madness of NECC proper kicks in.
  • Compared to the academic conferences I usually go to (AERA, UCEA, etc.), NECC shapes up to be a relative rock concert…almost literally.  As one example, there’s a stage being built that resembles the stage you might find at a top concert venue.  Supposedly there will be a band performing after the keynote tonight and they’ll be streamed live into Second Life.  So, I guess you’d say NECC is the geekiest rock concert you’ll ever see.  I’ve been to ASCD and AASA conferences; those are big and fun, but no comparison to NECC.
  • I don’t yet have a read on how many principals or APs are here.  Met one principal and one AP yesterday at EBC.  I did note that there are 13 sessions designated in the leadership strand for the conference.  Paltry.  Also, a search of the whole NECC program yielded 4 hits for the word “principal.”  Really?  4?  Oy.
  • San Antonio is hot this time of year…but you knew that.
  • Being here, hearing/seeing/thinking about what’s possible, my attitude about the institution of public schooling is only getting worse.  My poor wife and kids.

Look for a special blog post tomorrow about breakfast at La Quinta Inn.

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