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    Archive for June, 2008

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    Hard Times at Douglass High – A Review

    Last night, I watched and recorded the HBO documentary, Hard Times at Douglass High: A No Child Left Behind Report Card.  Hard Times is essentially a “year-in-the-life” cinema verite type film that “documents” the inner workings of one high school in Baltimore, MD that serves only African-American students (as a result of de facto segregation).  […]


    Invention Sessions vs. Personal Learning Communities

    photo credit: Nathan Y Recently, on Darren Draper’s blog, I commented on the sort of “invention sessions” that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about and that Darren suggested would be an interesting addition to the field of education (I agree completely, BTW).  I wrote: “I wonder if electronic communities are sufficient. Classroom 2.0 is a wonderful resource, […]


    Learning 2.0 and Schools of Education

    For a few different purposes, I’m working on a “manifesto” of sorts and could use some help.  I suppose it’s not a coincidence that I’m using a blog to ask for guidance/assistance in my own learning and knowledge creation.  But, I’m looking to produce a narrative (a white paper?) that synthesizes the information that is […]


    Reading and Learning in an Attention Economy

    Other than the bits and pieces I’ve read in various places, and other than what I learned from the related Wikipedia site, I don’t know a whole lot about “Attention Economics.” However, the Herbert Simon quote below that I got from the Wikipedia site resonates with my current (probably mostly personal) concern: …in an information-rich […]


    On (the day after) Fathers Day

    In the weeks leading up to Fathers Day, I was asked multiple times (mostly by my dear wife) what I “wanted” for Fathers Day.  I always struggle with such inquiries, but here’s what I came up with this year: I want tenure.  I’ll be submitting my portfolio in August and crossing my fingers/toes after that […]