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    Archive for July, 2008

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    Drill & Kill and Digital Equity

    Continuing my sniffing through the NAEP Data Explorer, today I “explored” differences in digitally-infused pedagogy by race.  One of the items on the background questionnaire of the 8th grade NAEP in 2007 was as follows: “When you are doing math for school or homework, how often do you use these different types of computer programs?”  […]


    Computer use and math achievement (part deux)

    One of my posts from almost four months ago has been resurrected by comments from Tina K. and Amir.  In that post, I suggested I’d do some more digging.  So, I dug. Some background…these are NAEP data with tables and statistics generated by the NAEP Data Explorer.  The NDE is an awesome (free!) tool for […]


    Pedagogical Improvement

    If you’ve ever taken a college or graduate level course, surely you’ve completed some kind of summative evaluation form at the end of the semester.  At Hofstra University, where I worked for 5 years before this past academic year, we called them CTRs (Course and Teacher Ratings).  They consisted of a bunch of Likert scale […]


    Organizing is Different now

    In response to Scott McLeod’s 140-character book review contest, I submitted an entry that summarized/synthesized two books in less than 140 characters.  I wrote: ORGANIZING (EVERYBODY AND/OR EVERYTHING) IS DIFFERENT NOW. That’s it.  Put together “Here Comes Everybody” and “Everything is Miscellaneous” and that’s what you get. For those who read the books, those 57 […]


    I have seen the future…

    I’ve long had an idea of what kind of school I’d like my child(ren?) to attend, but I’ve had a hard time articulating it.  Fortunately, there are plenty of smart and creative bloggers and academicians out there that help me learn and think.  In fact, I still can’t articulate everything fully, so you’ll have to […]


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