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    Archive for July, 2008

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    Many Pounds Left Behind

    I’ve started a new blog where I’ll be writing about my weight loss efforts. Every week or so, I’ll post an update here, but the writing will all be done at Many Pounds Left Behind. I’ll be looking for additional authors who want to lose weight and use blogging as a reflective tool and an […]


    Leadership Day 2008

    Scott McLeod deemed today Leadership Day, and so it is!  And so I go… If you haven’t watched the video of Chris Lehmann’s presentation at NECC, there’s no question that it’s a must see.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of occasions to use it as a pedagogical tool with my ed. leadership students, especially as […]


    NECC and the Attention Economy

    Lots of folks are reflecting on their NECC experiences.  The reactions vary.  Scott’s bullish, while Sheryl is not so sure.  Also, towards the end of the conference, there were LOTS of tweets about brains hurting and brains shutting down.  Ewan, using the work of Chris Craft, even wrote about this seeming cognitive overload. My guess […]


    Happy 100th B-day Thurgood Marshall

    credit: Grundlepuck I just learned (via Eduwonk) that yesterday would have been Thurgood Marshall’s 100th birthday.  I’ve long believed that Justice Marshall is an underrated hero/icon in our nation; to me, at least, he is THE most influential figure in the history of the fight for civil rights in the U.S. I want to share […]


    Food and networking at NECC

    On the lighter side (figuratively, not at all literally)… I had some great eating experiences while in San Antonio for NECC.  It all started Friday night when I told Scott McLeod that I was hoping that the hotel’s continental breakfast would involve my favorite flip-over self-serve waffle irons.  Well, Saturday morning we learned that not […]