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    Archive for August, 2008

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    Leadership and (re)presentations of data

    A few days ago, Gary Stager sent out a bunch of tweets (on Twitter, for the uninitiated) about an Edward Tufte seminar he had attended.  In responding to my response to one of his tweets, Stager wrote: “any info lit pundit/keynote without a thorough understanding of Tufte’s work is a Ginsu Knife salesman not a […]


    A Fresh and Clean Start

    Last week, all of the major deadlines for my summer work came and went.  Wednesday through Friday was like a blur, but when all the dust settled I realized that I could now focus on the coming academic year.  Furthermore, I felt like I was now free to consider the next phase in my professional […]


    And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

    Haven’t been writing/posting here much.  Had to prioritize putting together my tenure portfolio.  Having rid my shoulders of that weight (literally and figuratively), I look forward to writing more here.  For now, I thought I’d let you know what I wrote about my blog in my tenure narrative.  First, I began my section on “scholarship” […]


    Disruptive Innovation, Football and Education

    At the end of his article about an innovative offensive scheme called the A-11 being implemented by one high school football team in California,’s Michael Weinreb writes: “And while I do not know if the A-11 can challenge all our assumptions, or if it is merely a lark, I do know that it accomplishes […]


    Ed. Tech. and Student Achievement

    As the result of a quick Twitter back-and-forth, I told @JeffNugent and @mcglaysia that I would write a blog post about the research linking technology integration and student achievement.  A couple of points before I get into it: I have been the lead investigator on many (maybe a dozen or so?) studies aimed at examining […]


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