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The New Look and Feel

Yes, you’re at the right place. I gave the blog a bit of a makeover. I started to feel like the old template was a bit dreary. This new theme is called GenkiTheme developed by Ericulous. Apparently, Genki means “cheerfulness, vibrancy and vitality” in Japanese. So, it certainly contrasts with the last theme. Other benefits of this new look:

  • The posts are a bit wider, and I’m definitely using more of the screen with this templated.
  • I like the tabs on the left that move while you scroll; people will think I’m a code monkey or something cool and nerdy like that.
  • I LOVE how the dynamic WP Cumulus teg cloud (see “What I’m Writing”) looks here (even if it is a little small). It was at the very bottom of the page in the previous iteration and I don’t know that anyone saw it.
  • I’m able to include my picture/avatar on here. As those who follow me on Twitter know, this is becoming part of my “brand.” I’ve been told by people who know me and who’ve seen the avatar that this is EXACTLY what I’d look like if transported to South Park.
  • This theme/template is “widget ready.” To the non-bloggers out there, all that means, among other things, is that it is MUCH easier for me to add things to the two sidebars on the right. For the prior theme/template, I had to fiddle with the CSS and pretend I knew something about PHP codes (I don’t).

That said, the real reason I switched is probably because I’m terribly busy again and in the absence of time to write anything substantively meaningful, I figured I would at least make a cosmetic change.

Hope you like it.

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