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K12 Online Conference Presentation

My presentation went live yesterday a.m.  I’ve already received some positive feedback from some of my Twitter followers/friends, and that’s been nice to hear/read/see, especially given my anxiety over this particular event.  I really enjoy presenting my work to the public; in fact, the larger the audience the better for me.  However, this form of presentation is completely new to me.  Preparing a “packaged” multimedia presentation turned out to be a ton of fun, but a ton of work.  As I become more facile with the technology, I imagine I’ll be less anxious doing this sort of “digital storytelling.”  And, I can imagine myself doing more and more of this sort of work to integrate into my courses as well.

As I wrote on Twitter, this a.m., I’m finding the K12 Online conference to be like Chanukah only longer.  I get new gifts every day; in fact, four new gifts every day for two weeks.  And that doesn’t count the fireside chats and other “live”/synchronous aspects of the conference.  Speaking of which, I hope you’ll join me and the other presenters from this week at the fireside chat this Saturday, October 25 at 11:00 a.m. EST.

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