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Is it real or is it Memorex?

Remember those commercials?

My muse for this post was a clever but meaningful post by Miguel Guhlin yesterday.  In a small font at the end of the post, he links to a service called Newspaper Clipping Generator which allows you to create a reasonably authentic looking clipping of any newspaper article you wish to create.  So, the little “trick” he played on his readers teaches us an important lesson about reading the fine print. It also raises issues of authenticity in the digital age.

Consider also this little video I learned of today through Twitter:

Digital Diet by BeFunky Cartoonizer from BeFunky on Vimeo.

It’s like Photoshop made easy. And it also points out how easy it is to “fake” or significantly alter images.

There are other examples of web-based services like this.  It has been my experience that people tend to use them to play tricks or jokes on friends or colleagues.  But, the number of really thoughtful and intelligent people who fell for Miguel’s joke points out how easy digital deception is.

Information literacy? Digital literacy? 21st century literacy? Nah, but be careful out there folks!