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    Archive for December, 2009

    Becker’s Theory of Schooling and Parenting

    Once upon a time, when I was a graduate student at Boston College, I studied under a professor named Dr. Michael Schiro.  He had published a book called Curriculum Theory: Conflicting Visions and Enduring Concerns.  In that book, he spells out four “conflicting” theories of curriculum. I won’t detail them here other than to say […]


    Scientifically-based Blog Post #1

    [NOTE  #1: this was originally posted on February 7, 2008.  I am re-posting it here as part of the #edublogBT idea/meme about which I wrote yesterday.] [NOTE #2: at the time, I had designs on posting a weekly blog post about educational research.  I think I got as far 4 or 5 entries before that […]


    When we blogged…before Twitter

    I have an idea. Maybe it’s a meme. Who knows? Who cares? Anyway, the idea has three origins. First, it dates back to a dinner conversation in Chinatown (D.C.) during NECC ’09 with (CAUTION: name-dropping to commence…) Joyce Valenza, Doug Johnson, Wes Fryer and Scott McLeod. I forget how the discussion started, but we ended […]


    Shortest. Meta-analysis. Ever.

    According to some studies, charter schools are good. According to other studies, charter schools are not so good. There are some good charter schools. There are some bad charter schools. On the whole, then, charter schools make no difference. [Peer-review *THAT* fellow academicians!]


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