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Curating a review/article on #DIYU

I’ve been working on a book review of DIY U by Anna Kamenetz to be published in the open access, peer-reviewed journal in education edited by Dr. Alec Couros (aka @courosa). At the same time, some folks initiated a “discussion” of the book through a Twitter chat.

So, it occurred to me that I could/should think about this review differently. I asked Alec “permission” to approach the review as a curator (rather than solely as the author). That is, what if I were to invite others to contribute text, ideas, thoughts, artifacts, etc. and my role was to curate all that? I’d take the responsibility of starting the article/review and ultimately make all the decisions about what gets included and how it all gets arranged (hence, the “curation” term).

Alec was agreeable, so…let’s do it!


Please note that I am “curating” this review. If you’d like to contribute, please scroll to the bottom of the document and add your name to the table and indicate the color of the text you’ll be using. All contributors will be listed as such in the final published article/review.

Also, I should credit some of my thinking on this to George Veletsianos who introduced me to the notion of participatory scholarship. I’m eager to see how this idea of curating an article works out and how we might think about it as a form of participatory scholarship.

Please come and participate with me!