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Open, online course: Educational technology for school leaders

bridging knowledge to healthThis coming semester (Fall 2011), I’ll be teaching a course called Educational Technology for School Leaders. This is a masters- or post-masters-level graduate course. The course is fully online (almost entirely “asynchronous;” there will be webinar-style sessions held at specific times, but “attending” those will not be mandatory and they’ll be recorded/archived/posted for after-the-fact viewing). The course is also an “open” course in that (nearly) everything we do will be “public.”

The course is also “open” in the sense that there are slots available for registration from anyone outside of VCU.1. Maybe you’d like to learn with us this semester? Or, maybe you know someone who should or would like to? A little more about the course:

The “official” course description (i.e. the one in the VCU course catalog) reads:

Provides an overview of the impact of technology, particularly Web-based technologies, on K-12 instruction, from pedagogical considerations and associated tool choices to more pragmatic leadership issues of planning, funding and faculty development. This course is designed for administrators, teacher leaders and other interested professionals who are or intend to be leaders in technology.

In other words, this course is designed for sitting and/or aspiring school leaders who want to explore the intersection of school leadership and educational technology. Furthermore, the course is loosely framed around the National Educational Technology Standards for Administrators (NETS-A).

Fun will be had and lots of learning will happen. If you, or someone you know, would like to take the course, please contact me (or have them contact me). I’d give you my contact information, but that would inconsistent with the anti-teaching stance I’ll be taking this semester…

Update: Per Meredith’s question in the first comment (and more to the little footnote below), there is tuition associated with registering for the course. Including fees, tuition for the 3-credit course for VA residents is $1,119. For those outside of VA, the tuition is $2,727 (I’m just the messenger!).

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  1. The course is not SO “open” that I’m accepting students who are not formally registered for the course. There will be many opportunities for peripheral participation, though []