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Flying pigs?

No! Real classrooms, schools and districts.

We need to stop calling high-tech classrooms or schools of the future. They’re happening NOW!

We need to stop asking if technology integration is related to improved test scores. It’s about learning, not test scores!

I spent a little time today collecting videos about “lighthouse” classrooms, schools, districts, etc. Here are just some. Most of those who read this post will be familiar with many of the names and faces. For some, though, these videos will highlight new names, faces, ideas, etc. So, I place these videos here in the spirit of possibility.

Science Leadership Academy (Philadelphia, PA)

High Tech High (San Diego, CA)

New York City iSchool

Mooresville, NC (“Digital Conversion”)

There are more, many more, but these are places where I know people and where I can trust that the videos aren’t just marketing puffery.