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My “guerilla” tactic for Open Access Week

I’ve copied the text of an email that I sent today to all the members of the VCU School of Education community.

To some of you, the idea of scheduling a room and inviting people to have a conversation may seem benign, hardly “guerilla;” especially in “the academy.” But, I anticipate a good deal of pushback, especially since I had to distribute the invitation via an email group I’ve been told I shouldn’t be using (with the subtext being that people don’t appreciate the “mass” sharing of information electronically).

We shall see…


Greetings colleagues,

Next week (October 24-28) is Open Access Week.

As some of you may know, I made a commitment to publish only in peer-reviewed, open access journals. I believe that, especially as scholars in the field of education, we have a moral obligation to disseminate the knowledge we generate as widely and freely as is possible in the digital/information age. As John Willinsky argues in The Access Principle, “A commitment to the value and quality of research carries with it a responsibility to extend the circulation of such work as far as possible and ideally to all who are interested in it and all who might profit by it (p. xii).”

I’ve written more about the affordances of the modern Web for our lives as scholars HERE and HERE. I also gave a workshop on this topic over at the CTE last month. Nobody from the SOE attended, but you can watch an archived recording of that session HERE.

In recognition of Open Access Week, on Friday October 28, at NOON, I will be sitting (or standing) in OLIVER HALL, ROOM 4078   ready, willing and able to discuss/debate open access publishing and any other topic related to how the Web causes us to re-consider our woefully outdated and inequitable, elitist system of scholarly communication.

[NOTE: if you’re not available Friday and/or you’d like a primer on Open Access publishing, the great Dan Ream is holding a workshop on Thursday, October 27th, from 1-2PM in Cabell Library Room 319.]

So, let’s have a discussion about this. Let’s talk about why the VCU faculty senate turned away an open access resolution much like many other institutions of higher education are passing. Let’s consider what such a resolution might look like specifically for the School of Education.

I’ll be there…


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