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Every Blog Post Ever: Communication FAIL

[Thinking of a really clever and catchy title… something snarky. Yeah, snarky is the new black…]

Something Something Something: I’m Only Adding This Because All Good Titles Have A Colon.

[I should probably include an image at the beginning of the post. I’ll search Flickr for CC-licensed images. I need something artsy; something really zen. The connection to the content of the post won’t be apparent to anybody except me, but, still…]

Sojiji Bodhidharma

[Feeling really, really insecure…]

I’m sure I’m not the first to write about this…

[Feeling better now, on with the awesomeness…]

but I read this really interesting article over at  [insert hip magazine here]…

[I have to add a link to the article. Which words should be linked? Definitely “interesting article,” but do I include “really” in the link? Do I want the link to open a new window? Do I link separately to the main site of the hip magazine when I write the name of the magazine? OMG, blogging is hard…]

The author of the article…

[Wait, do I have to link to a page that has some kind of bio on the author? OMG, blogging is hard…]

writes about [insert phenomenon X here]..

[Let’s see if we can drag out this summary of the article. I want to make this a meaty post and I don’t really have anything meaningful to add anyway. I’m just going to make a really weak attempt to apply what I read to what I think I know…]

The author really nails it when she says…

[Oh, I think this is a good quote to use, but mostly, I just want my readers to see how beautifully my blog theme handles block quotes.]

This phenomenon is not new, but I am an expert on this topic now because I read a couple of articles that confirm my hypothesis.

This got me thinking about my particular area of expertise…

[Wait, I have an area of expertise, right? Or, is it just something I’m interested in? Whatever…]
 [Ugh, now I’m forgetting how I was going to shoehorn that article into my area of expertise/interest… What’s the relevance again? Oh, whatever, let’s keep going…]

where I see this same phenomenon all the time…

[Well, “all the time” is a stretch, but I saw it once and the article made me think about it again, so I’ll continue the shoehorning…]

One time…

[See, I really only needed one connection to offer an anecdote which will pass as evidence…]
 [blah, blah, blah… Yeah, I only wrote a sentence or two comprised of my own thoughts/ideas, but if I wrap up and hit “publish,” I’ll have written another blog post…]

So, in conclusion, we should all think about the phenomenon the author wrote about and how it applies to our practice…

[Here goes; I’m going to hit “Publish.” I hope lots of people comment and tell me how awesome this post is. Then again, if I get lots of comments, I’ll feel obligated to respond and who has time to engage in conversation on blogs? Whatever…]

Creative Commons License photo credit: geraldford

[NOTE: this blog post was entirely inspired by this video. You didn’t expect me to have an idea of my own, did you?]