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Hack(ing) School(ing), 1st Edition

Audrey Watters and I humbly submit for you interest and consideration:

There, you will see a bit of a status report as well as a link to what we are referring to as the 1st Edition of the “book.” The 1st Edition (perhaps we’re “hacking” the traditional publishing process a bit here) is in the form of a Readlist. Readlists is a reasonably new product and it’s not perfect. But, what I like about Readlists is that they can be read directly on the Web, and they can also be downloaded as an ebook for Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.

Some notes about the 1st edition:

  • One of the limitations of Readlists is that when converted to an ebook, it can’t handle video. So, we couldn’t include some of the submissions that were just videos.
  • Also, some of the submissions were to websites about a project or an organization or something else. Those are generally pretty amazing projects/organizations/etc., but those submissions didn’t jive well with Readlists. Therefore, we only included submissions that were posts, articles, etc.
  • My main complaint about Readlists is that when it converts to an ebook, there is inconsistency in how the entries (read: chapters) are produced. Sometimes there is a cover page that includes the description entered on the Readlists site. Sometimes, however, that description looks like it’s just the first page of the post/article/etc.
  • If you’d like to see all of the submissions, the Google Spreadsheet is public.

What’s next? Unclear. I would really like to do subsequent editions, and I believe Audrey does, too. I would like to speak with folks at a publishing house to see if they have innovative ideas for how this book project might move forward. We. Shall. See.