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    Archive for the ‘21st Century Education’ Category

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    Disruptive Innovation, Football and Education

    At the end of his article about an innovative offensive scheme called the A-11 being implemented by one high school football team in California,’s Michael Weinreb writes: “And while I do not know if the A-11 can challenge all our assumptions, or if it is merely a lark, I do know that it accomplishes […]


    I have seen the future…

    I’ve long had an idea of what kind of school I’d like my child(ren?) to attend, but I’ve had a hard time articulating it.  Fortunately, there are plenty of smart and creative bloggers and academicians out there that help me learn and think.  In fact, I still can’t articulate everything fully, so you’ll have to […]


    Micro vs. Macro: NECC vs. CoSN?

    I think I’m on to something here (of course I do; why else would I be writing this?)… A. There have been smatterings of dissatisfaction with the recently concluded NECC, particularly among the more experienced and “followed” edubloggers (see e.g. Will and Karl) B. Great discussions about systemic educational change have been occurring in the […]


    What am I “measuring?”

    It might just be an entrance exam for my PLN (-:, but I think that the items below might collectively “measure” something.  In social science terms, we would say that the items below comprise a scale (i.e. they collectively assess a construct).  So, I need a name for this scale/construct.  Help? (NOTE: I know there […]


    School Reform and Schools of Education

    There’s an interesting discussion happening in a comment thread over at Will Richardson’s blog.  If I could summarize, I’d say the conversation is about how large-scale, future-oriented school change might happen.  Will and others are searching for ways to make change happen consistent with what he and we know about what’s possible.  I particularly like […]