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    Archive for the ‘blogging’ Category

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    I’m putting EdInsanity away on mothballs indefinitely [insert joke here about how it’s effectively been on mothballs for years…]. Per my last post, I start a new job today. It’s an interim position, so I’m leaving open the possibility that I’ll unpack this blog at some point. For now, though, my focus will be on […]


    (Re)Introducing the Virginia Education Report

    A while back, my edu-colleague Chad Ratliff asked me if I was interested in joining him in an effort to create a space for “independent” reporting and commentary on educational policy issues in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It was a terrific idea, and soon the Virginia Education Report was born. We had lots of grand […]


    Honoring the occasion

    [NOTE: it may ultimately be that the subtitle of this post is “…or how I am justifying my attendance at the Bammys.” If this post sounds defensive, maybe that’s where it’s coming from. I don’t know; you make the call.] One of my mentors once taught me about “honoring the occasion.” I think it was […]


    My department’s new media ecosystem

    The text below is from an email I sent to the department faculty and to all of the doctoral students in the department (we have a Ph.D. program and an Ed.D. program. Combined, there are probably 100 or so active doctoral students across the two programs). By copying that text here, I am hereby inviting […]


    Every Blog Post Ever: Communication FAIL

    [Thinking of a really clever and catchy title… something snarky. Yeah, snarky is the new black…] Something Something Something: I’m Only Adding This Because All Good Titles Have A Colon. [I should probably include an image at the beginning of the post. I’ll search Flickr for CC-licensed images. I need something artsy; something really zen. […]


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