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    Archive for the ‘Ed. Leadership’ Category

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    Bass Ackwards Technology Planning

    Thanks to Will Richardson for alerting us to an op-ed piece in the Washington Post that’s disturbing to the core (IMHO).  Clearly, there are details of the “technology initiative” (odd language, seems more like they just built a new school with cool stuff in it) that we’re not getting.  But, I wonder, did, as the […]


    An Argument for Digital Leadership

    Had to “pitch” my ideas for an ed. tech. leadership institute here at VCU today to the university officials who schmooze the corporate and philanthropic folks.  I pitch to them, they pitch to the money. Anyway, I spent much time last night figuring out the logic of my argument.  Here’s what I came up with:  […]


    Facilitating Technology Integration

    Much of my current research agenda has me studying and thinking about how we can best facilitate technology integration.  It’s a leadership question that is understudied (IMHO).  There’s plenty of research about what’s being done in pre-service teacher ed. programs, but not enough contemplation, formal or informal, of how to best facilitate adult learning to […]


    Web-based, Case-based Learning

    I’m headed to Charlottesville tonight for a meeting tomorrow about an ongoing effort to develop and integrate web-based cases into educational leadership preparation programs.  The Educational Theory into Practice Software (ETIPS) is being developed by Sara Dexter and Pam Tucker at UVA, and they’re currently working with a test-bed group of ed. leadership professors across the […]


    Leadership without followers

    Not too long ago, I was asked the following question by a doctoral student: “What would a doctoral program in ed. tech. leadership look like?”  I’m certainly well aware of the NETS-A-based curriculum components developed by Scott McLeod and Joan Hughes at CASTLE, but my mind went to a dissertation that one of my advisees just […]