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    Archive for the ‘Ed. Research’ Category

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    Gladwell on hiring in sports, education and law

    Well, other than “technology,” if I had to choose five tags to describe myself, sports, education and law would be in the top 5.  So, imagine my surprise when I was pointed to this video of a Malcolm Gladwell speech/presentation (what is it that he does exactly?) covering those three areas.  The main topic of […]


    Leadership Day 2008

    Scott McLeod deemed today Leadership Day, and so it is!  And so I go… If you haven’t watched the video of Chris Lehmann’s presentation at NECC, there’s no question that it’s a must see.  I’m sure I’ll have lots of occasions to use it as a pedagogical tool with my ed. leadership students, especially as […]


    Patting myself on the back?!?!

    By now you’ve perhaps read the Time magazine article, seen the New York Times ad, and/or read/heard elsewhere about this “movement” dubbed “The Broader, Bolder Approach to Education” spearheaded by Lawrence Mishel, Helen Ladd, Pedro Noguera and Tom Payzant. The list of signatories reads like a who’s who of educational and/or social policy and is […]


    Digital Equity

    A convergence of two events yesterday brought me to this post today. First, I read Paul Blogush’s post about an apparent lack of racial diversity within the conversations/networks related to School/Classroom 2.0. Second, of course, was Barack Obama’s historic evening. I’ve written quite a bit about digital equity in education, including a blog post a […]


    Facilitating Technology Integration – Theme #2

    THEME #2 – ECOLOGY Once upon a time, I started a blog posting series called “Scientifically-Based Blog Posts.” I do hope to pick up where I left off at some point, but the reason I bring that up now is because of how much the study referenced in my first post in that series resonates […]