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    Archive for the ‘Ed. Tech.’ Category

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    Micro vs. Macro: NECC vs. CoSN?

    I think I’m on to something here (of course I do; why else would I be writing this?)… A. There have been smatterings of dissatisfaction with the recently concluded NECC, particularly among the more experienced and “followed” edubloggers (see e.g. Will and Karl) B. Great discussions about systemic educational change have been occurring in the […]


    What am I “measuring?”

    It might just be an entrance exam for my PLN (-:, but I think that the items below might collectively “measure” something.  In social science terms, we would say that the items below comprise a scale (i.e. they collectively assess a construct).  So, I need a name for this scale/construct.  Help? (NOTE: I know there […]


    NECC and the Attention Economy

    Lots of folks are reflecting on their NECC experiences.  The reactions vary.  Scott’s bullish, while Sheryl is not so sure.  Also, towards the end of the conference, there were LOTS of tweets about brains hurting and brains shutting down.  Ewan, using the work of Chris Craft, even wrote about this seeming cognitive overload. My guess […]


    Reflections from NECC – Equity, Diversity, Social Justice

    Something (perhaps some thingS) is (are) rubbing me the wrong way about NECC.  I’ll reflect a bit more over time, but for today I want to write a bit about a related set of issues about which I am incredibly passionate.  My ed. leadership professorial friends/colleagues and I joke about what we perceive as an […]


    Reflections from NECC – Day 2

    Hanging out at the blogger’s cafe this afternoon, and this is more what I expected from yesterday.  Lots of people pecking away at their keyboards and chatting away.  Jeff Utecht is live streaming in one direction, while people in the cafe are watching the feed of an area 5 feet away.  People are chatting, tweeting, […]