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    Archive for the ‘higher ed.’ Category

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    Best. Dissertation. Ever.

    Well, certainly the best one I’ve ever read (and I’ve read dozens). This is the dissertation recently defended by one of my new colleagues, Dr. Hilary Hughes-Decatur. It is an absolutely brilliant piece of work; it’s rich with issues to be explored, ranging from how we deal with “bodily-not-enoughness” in schools to how we elicit […]


    My “guerilla” tactic for Open Access Week

    I’ve copied the text of an email that I sent today to all the members of the VCU School of Education community. To some of you, the idea of scheduling a room and inviting people to have a conversation may seem benign, hardly “guerilla;” especially in “the academy.” But, I anticipate a good deal of […]


    The Politics of Education: Blogging, Tagging, Etc.

    I’m teaching a course called The Politics of Education to an awesome group of our doctoral students this semester. The wiki/syllabus (a living, breathing document) is located HERE. You can participate and help my students’ (and my own) learning in a couple of ways. First, tagging…anything that you think might be related to what the […]


    PUBLISHing as we knew it is PERISHing

    The three articles to which I link below all came across my radar (Twitter?) screen today.  I don’t see how anyone in academia can swish these three stories around in her/his mouth for a bit and not experience an entirely new taste. Newspapers fold as readers defect and economy sours (CNN) — The Rocky Mountain […]


    Professing Qua “Making the Case”

    I am part of a team of professors facilitating the learning in an Ed.D. program for a group of sitting school administrators in a local school division.  I am currently leading a module on decision-making and resource allocation within the realm of educational technology.  This Saturday, I have a pretty unique opportunity (for me at […]