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    Archive for the ‘Pop Culture’ Category

    Organizing is Different now

    In response to Scott McLeod’s 140-character book review contest, I submitted an entry that summarized/synthesized two books in less than 140 characters.  I wrote: ORGANIZING (EVERYBODY AND/OR EVERYTHING) IS DIFFERENT NOW. That’s it.  Put together “Here Comes Everybody” and “Everything is Miscellaneous” and that’s what you get. For those who read the books, those 57 […]


    New media vs. old media

    The link below is to a video of a segment from a Bob Costas show that aired last night. If you’ve come to my blog and know what I tend to write about, even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ll be riveted by this video. It’s worth spending the full 18 minutes watching it […]


    Celebrity sightings…at AERA?

    So, AERA is good and interesting and all, but check this out… Went to a bar last night with some colleagues.  We sat around two tables next to three tables that had “reserved”  placards on them.   About 1/2 hour after we got there, we found out for whom those tables were reserved:  Francis McDormand, George […]


    Super Blogging

    Watching my Giants hang in there, losing only 7-3 at halftime.  It’s probably not a very good sign when you’re happy to “only be losing by” anything.  We’ll see. Tom Petty’s now performing.  Really?  Tom Petty’s still alive…err…performing?  More than anything, I’m happy to be watching on my brand new 60″ HDTV with a surround […]



    [youtube=] Sometimes, I feel like there’s too much “ideating” going on within the edublogosphere, and now I’m just another unnecessary ideator. Other times, I think blogging is “doing;” I’m getting my ideas out there. I’m being a public intellectual (that’s informally part of my job description). What do you think?


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