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    Archive for the ‘Sports’ Category

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    Technological doping

    So, here’s an article about the latest sports controversy. Bathing suits that may very well give swimmers a speed advantage (18 of the 19 world records broken recently were done by swimmers wearing this type of suit). Apparently, there are naysayers…”no fair; that’s a competitive advantage.” Huh?  Competitive advantage?  Is a technology that is available to […]


    And in a separate story…

    a snake bit a girl named Manuela Ramirez while visiting Yankee stadium.  That punchline follows this crazy story.


    My favorite time of the year

    Madness!Originally uploaded by bobbyuggles That picture is not exactly of my workstation, but it might as well be. If you’re a college basketball fan like me, and a techno-geek like me, CBS Sportsline’s March Madness on Demand web app., well…it IS the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can toggle between three games at once […]


    Bass Ackwards Technology Planning

    Thanks to Will Richardson for alerting us to an op-ed piece in the Washington Post that’s disturbing to the core (IMHO).  Clearly, there are details of the “technology initiative” (odd language, seems more like they just built a new school with cool stuff in it) that we’re not getting.  But, I wonder, did, as the […]


    Super Blogging

    Watching my Giants hang in there, losing only 7-3 at halftime.  It’s probably not a very good sign when you’re happy to “only be losing by” anything.  We’ll see. Tom Petty’s now performing.  Really?  Tom Petty’s still alive…err…performing?  More than anything, I’m happy to be watching on my brand new 60″ HDTV with a surround […]