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    My life as a gardener

    I suck at (real) gardening (the kind related to botany). If there’s an opposite to green, that’s what color my thumbs are. I fear that my inadequacies are bleeding over into a metaphorical form of gardening. Nancy White, co-author of Digital habitats: Stewarding technology for communities, has written about online community building as gardening. I have […]


    School Superintendents Qua Policy Advocates

    University-based educational leadership programs are structured differently across universities. There are masters programs, post-masters certificate programs, and doctoral programs (Ph.D. and Ed.D.). Some educational leadership departments refer to certain programs explicitly as “principal preparation” programs and even “superintendent prep” programs. I’ve not worked at a university with a superintendency program, so I can’t speak to […]


    Learn with us?

    In the Spring 2011 semester, I’m teaching a fully online, doctoral-level course called The Politics of Education.  I have designed the course as an open course, though I don’t know if it qualifies as a “Massively Open Online Course” (a MOOC; described nicely by Dave Cormier). The course is “open” in at least three ways. […]


    My new (academic) year’s resolutions

    A dear colleague/friend just told me that I seem “depressed;” that my “joy and enthusiasm aren’t present much of the time” that we are in the same room. How’s that for a wake up call? Needless to say, I’ve been doing some soul-searching since reading that and will continue to do so. At this point, […]


    Shortest. Meta-analysis. Ever.

    According to some studies, charter schools are good. According to other studies, charter schools are not so good. There are some good charter schools. There are some bad charter schools. On the whole, then, charter schools make no difference. [Peer-review *THAT* fellow academicians!]