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    Archive for the ‘Web 2.0’ Category

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    Educational technology as the SkyMall catalog

    If you’re like me, when you travel by air, you invariably pick up and read through the Skymall catalog with great interest. I find it fascinating. Mostly, though, I find myself repeatedly thinking and/or saying, “What problem does that solve?” In other words, for most of the products I see in that catalog, I cannot […]


    Learn(ing) with vs. Learn(ing) from

    Think about *all* the implications that come from shifting our language from learn(ing) from to learn(ing) with. (and words matter, right David Jakes?) That’s the “shift” that has to happen. (apologies to Karl Fisch)  That’s it. “Learning from” was often necessary when one party in the learning transaction(s) had greater access to information than the others. […]


    K12 Online Conference 2008

    No point in re-creating the wheel, so I’ve copied the e-mail I sent to my faculty colleagues below (he only difference is that I embedded my teaser video into this post instead of just providing a link): *** Dearest colleagues, If I told you that there is an extraordinary educational conference that you can attend […]


    Adding a virtual community to a f-2-f one

    For months now, I’ve been trying to figure out how to develop an online community to enhance our programs within the Department of Educational Leadership at VCU.  Currently, each course has its own Blackboard space.  We also send lots of e-mails to students, though sadly we don’t even have good e-mail groups in our e-mail […]


    Organizing is Different now

    In response to Scott McLeod’s 140-character book review contest, I submitted an entry that summarized/synthesized two books in less than 140 characters.  I wrote: ORGANIZING (EVERYBODY AND/OR EVERYTHING) IS DIFFERENT NOW. That’s it.  Put together “Here Comes Everybody” and “Everything is Miscellaneous” and that’s what you get. For those who read the books, those 57 […]


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