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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

  • My department’s new media ecosystem

    The text below is from an email I sent to the department faculty and to all of the doctoral students in the department (we have a Ph.D. program and an Ed.D. program. Combined, there are probably 100 or so active doctoral students across the two programs). By copying that text here, I am hereby inviting […]


  • Modern scholarly communication in education: An Example

    I’ve written a bit about scholarly communication in education, and our need to modernize our modes and systems (see e.g. THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS…). This post offers an example of modern scholarly communication. At the heart of this “story” is Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology at the University […]


  • The child has a hundred languages… but they steal ninety-nine.

    My son attends a wonderful, progressive PK-8 school. The school is deeply committed to a Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Among the many ways that orientation manifests is through an umbrella project which is “a series of provocations based on an idea that is meant to spark creative thinking and connect students across classrooms and age-levels.” […]


  • What would you want to know about educational research?

    I have an opportunity to teach a course that I’ve never taught before, but that I’ve coveted teaching for awhile. The course is called “Research Methods in Education,” and the university bulletin describes it as: Designed to provide an introductory understanding of educational research and evaluation studies. Emphasizes fundamental concepts, procedures and processes appropriate for […]


  • Hack(ing) School(ing), 1st Edition

    Audrey Watters and I humbly submit for you interest and consideration: There, you will see a bit of a status report as well as a link to what we are referring to as the 1st Edition of the “book.” The 1st Edition (perhaps we’re “hacking” the traditional publishing process a bit here) is in […]


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