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“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Albert Einstein

  • A little help, please?

    I’ll be standing for tenure this coming academic year. Part of that process includes an external review, but that only involves three other individuals and they have to be tenured faculty members at an institution of higher education. There are other limitations, too (e.g. the reviewer can’t be a co-author of any paper/book/report/etc.). This has […]


  • Two Updates

    In my most narcissistic moments (which are frequent), I imagine that lots of folks are sitting around thinking, “Why does Jon Becker drop the ball on so many projects he starts?” Then, in my saner moments (which are less frequent), I remember that few people beyond my immediate family actually think of me much (or, […]


  • An open letter to AERA

    Dear AERA, The deadline for submissions to the 2013 annual meeting is a few days away, but I won’t be submitting anything. I don’t expect to attend the 2013 meeting, and I let my AERA membership lapse a year or two ago. These declarations are unlikely to be of any significance to AERA given that […]


  • Whither our cherished institutions

    Two ongoing narratives have my head spinning lately… Is Coursera the Beginning of the End for Traditional Higher Education? Could high-quality MOOCs eventually do to traditional colleges and universities what Craigslist has done to classified advertising in newspapers and what Wikipedia has done to encyclopedias? In other words, could Coursera and its ilk replace a […]


  • HACK(ing) SCHOOL(ing): One Week, One “Book”

    The great Audrey Watters and I are pleased to announce a new project. Borrowing liberally from the Hacking the Academy project, we are calling for submissions to a new “book” with the working title of Hack(ing) School(ing). Like the Hacking the Academy process, we will take submissions only for one week! Description In offering explanations […]


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