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    Posts Tagged ‘AERA’

    Modern scholarly communication in education: An Example

    I’ve written a bit about scholarly communication in education, and our need to modernize our modes and systems (see e.g. THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS…). This post offers an example of modern scholarly communication. At the heart of this “story” is Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies and Sociology at the University […]


    Technology Support

    Originally uploaded by robynejay At one of the sessions at which I presented at AERA, a conversation arose around the issue of tech. support in schools. Neal Strudler, who’d done research on the issue 20 years ago, mentioned that the tech. support personnel he studied then spoke of “working themselves out of jobs.” I’ve heard […]


    Celebrity sightings…at AERA?

    So, AERA is good and interesting and all, but check this out… Went to a bar last night with some colleagues.  We sat around two tables next to three tables that had “reserved”  placards on them.   About 1/2 hour after we got there, we found out for whom those tables were reserved:  Francis McDormand, George […]


    Random thoughts from AERA

    Whew, none of the anti-ed. tech. folks have found my last blog post (yet). Anyway, my AERA 2008 journey began today.  Here are some thoughts: *Federal grants for educational research:  student achievement is the bottom line.  If you don’t propose to study anything that can’t be linked to student achievement, don’t bother applying.  One prof. […]


    Further to my point

    In an earlier post, I wrote about the overwhelming amount of “knowledge” out there about education and “best practice.”  Well, next week, I’m headed to the annual meeting of AERA, the largest educational research conference in the country.  Searching the program, I found that 166 individual presentations include the word “technology” in the title.  78 […]


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