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    Posts Tagged ‘change’

    Whither our cherished institutions

    Two ongoing narratives have my head spinning lately… Is Coursera the Beginning of the End for Traditional Higher Education? Could high-quality MOOCs eventually do to traditional colleges and universities what Craigslist has done to classified advertising in newspapers and what Wikipedia has done to encyclopedias? In other words, could Coursera and its ilk replace a […]


    The Logic of “Our” Arguments

    Those with whom I network for learning purposes through Twitter, blogs, Nings, etc. are largely members of an amorphous educational technology community. ¬†That community is fond of throwing around terms like “change” and “reform” connected to schools or education and most often the “change” or “reform” is largely related to advances in technology. The gist […]


    Change and Mutual Adaptation

    There’s quite a bit of really good edublogging and commenting that lies at the intersection of “change” and “21st Century Schools” (see e.g. Chris Lehmann’s blog and Will Richardson’s blog).¬† As one who has studied extensively the research and literature on school reform, school change, policy implementation, etc., I’m having a hard time with a […]