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    Posts Tagged ‘Gladwell’

    There’s something here…

    I just don’t know what exactly. So, mostly as stream of consciousness and in chronological order… *This started when Lisa Thumann tweeted about a keynote speaker at BLC ’10 who referred to the so-called “10,000 hour rule” for mastery or expertise. *I asked her if the speaker had a warrant for that knowledge claim beyond […]


    Bummer Boy takes on Gladwell, Part 2

    In Part 1, I took a philosophical approach to my critique of Malcolm Gladwell and his book, Outliers.  I promised a second part and I’ve really struggled writing it despite having some pretty strong feelings about the book. Not having the book in front of me (I returned it to the library…remember the library?) hasn’t […]


    Bummer Boy takes on Gladwell, Part 1

    Since Will Richardson dubbed me IWB Bummer Boy, and my one blog post (so far) about Edubloggercon ’09 came off as cranky, I figured I’d stay in role and finally churn out my long promised take on Malcolm Gladwell and specifically his newest book, Outliers. I’ve had some quick back-and-forth with some folks on Twitter […]


    Gladwell on hiring in sports, education and law

    Well, other than “technology,” if I had to choose five tags to describe myself, sports, education and law would be in the top 5.  So, imagine my surprise when I was pointed to this video of a Malcolm Gladwell speech/presentation (what is it that he does exactly?) covering those three areas.  The main topic of […]


    Invention Sessions vs. Personal Learning Communities

    photo credit: Nathan Y Recently, on Darren Draper’s blog, I commented on the sort of “invention sessions” that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about and that Darren suggested would be an interesting addition to the field of education (I agree completely, BTW).  I wrote: “I wonder if electronic communities are sufficient. Classroom 2.0 is a wonderful resource, […]


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