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    Posts Tagged ‘parenting’

    Becker’s Theory of Schooling and Parenting

    Once upon a time, when I was a graduate student at Boston College, I studied under a professor named Dr. Michael Schiro.  He had published a book called Curriculum Theory: Conflicting Visions and Enduring Concerns.  In that book, he spells out four “conflicting” theories of curriculum. I won’t detail them here other than to say […]


    My child and “unschooling?”

    Two caveats first: One, I may have unconsciously or even consciously included “unschooling” in the title because I suspect that will draw traffic. I’m guessing the unschooling types are abundant in the blogosphere (see e.g.  And, my narcissistic need for attention is now well-documented.  Second, I feel like I’m sticking my neck out here […]