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    Posts Tagged ‘research’

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    Channeling my inner John Denver

    Tomorrow, I head out to West Virginia for a week of data collection. From Tuesday through Friday, I’ll be visiting 15 schools as part of a statewide evaluation of their Technology Integration Specialist (TIS) program. That program, funded through federal EETT funds, puts specialists in schools to work with teachers to facilitate better integration of […]


    From the “You Knew This Was Coming” department

    Gary Stager rightfully challenged edubloggers to follow/care/blog about the Reading First study. I’d ignored his words… until now. After reading an article by Sol Stern about the study (txs to eduwonkette for pointing me to the article), I had to comment… You’re probably aware of the old adage, “If you’re losing the game, change the […]


    Real Estate and Educational Technology

    For me, stories, articles and/or discussions that combine real estate and public schooling are almost always pregnant with racism and/or classism.  In some cases, that racism and/or classism is more obvious than others. Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal points to a “study” (a very loose term in this case) done by the folks at  This “study” combined […]


    Further to my point

    In an earlier post, I wrote about the overwhelming amount of “knowledge” out there about education and “best practice.”  Well, next week, I’m headed to the annual meeting of AERA, the largest educational research conference in the country.  Searching the program, I found that 166 individual presentations include the word “technology” in the title.  78 […]


    Educational leadership in 847 easy steps

    I remember walking into the bookstore at Teachers College, Columbia U. as a new doc. student and thinking, “what value am I going to add to the ed. research enterprise?  A book has been written on everything; all the answers to all of the problems in education are right here in these books.”  I still […]