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    Posts Tagged ‘technology’

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    Micro vs. Macro: NECC vs. CoSN?

    I think I’m on to something here (of course I do; why else would I be writing this?)… A. There have been smatterings of dissatisfaction with the recently concluded NECC, particularly among the more experienced and “followed” edubloggers (see e.g. Will and Karl) B. Great discussions about systemic educational change have been occurring in the […]


    School Reform and Schools of Education

    There’s an interesting discussion happening in a comment thread over at Will Richardson’s blog.  If I could summarize, I’d say the conversation is about how large-scale, future-oriented school change might happen.  Will and others are searching for ways to make change happen consistent with what he and we know about what’s possible.  I particularly like […]


    The Ed. Tech. Echo Chamber?

    I’m sure I’m not the first to write about this, but Scott McLeod delivered his latest list of the (potentially) top 50 P-12 education blogs and he got me thinking. The list is what it is…a ranking based on one metric: how many other blogs (and blogs only) have linked to a given blog. As […]


    Biting off more than I could chew

    I can chew with the best of ’em, but I was not able to pull of the blogging feats I hoped to accomplish this week. The planned (and much hyped!) series on “Facilitating Technology Integration” did not happen. I underestimated the amount of energy it takes to drive around a mountainous state, visit 3-5 schools […]


    Educators as one-man bands

    [NOTE: please excuse the lack of gender neutral language in the title of the post. Despite my nausea, I thought making the language gender neutral would render the title meaningless to most.] There has been no shortage of efforts to compare the institution of public schooling to other disciplines or industries. Business and medicine are […]